Kindergarten Phonics Island App Reviews

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Abby-phonics island

I purchased this app, but when opened I get a black screen. All of the other apps from Abby work great. Hopefully its just a quick fix. My kids love them.

animal phonics island adventure

I purchased this item but it did not show up on my iPad then I purchased it again and it still has not shown up, whats up? cant rate it since I have not seen it

this is the old version!

Okay, I wrote the previous review about how it didnt work - it just opened to a black screen. I wrote the developer and they responded immediately informing me that there was an update and it hadn’t been applied to the iPhone - there is a newer version that does work perfectly - they helped me get the newer version at no charge. I was impressed with their customer service and the newer version works very well for the iPhone.

Jams at level 6 -- extremely annoying

My son loves to play this game but you can imagine his frustration when he is trying to drag the"y" sound animal into the train but it wont let him. The sound just keeps repeating the instructions but he cant move beyond this step. Please do a bug fix ASAP so he can continue! I hope that there are other things to do in the app after he is allowed to get to the end of this level. A matching game would be great (have the letter and say the sound and have the child select all animals starting with that sound. Moving on to blends would also be a great addition! (I.e. BL, CH, SH, CL, etc). But hoping they at least fix this problem to the user can finish the level!!


I just purchased this for my 4 1/2yr old. Its a good game except when you have to draw the letters. Im 30yrs old and care barely make them work. She gets so frustrated that she gives up before she gets to the parts of the game that really matter. Letters need to be fixed ASAP. Please

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